The Use Of Mobile Applications In Higher Education Classes

However, its primary demerits are its inability to support data migration, data replication, and data search. Web-based data management system software is software components that mainly reside on a web server. With the education system advancing at a fast pace, the significance of such software is required at every step to foster efficiency and the effectiveness of work. Web-based data management systems allow its users to benefit from a combination of all these technologies. Unlike other conventional technologies, web-based data management systems focus on the quality of service. Furthermore, it brings all utilities and presents them in a manner that clients can make the best use of them without necessarily knowing deeper details about technical operations.

Parents and teachers will be in a position to exchange notes on the areas of weaknesses and strengths of a student’s performance to enhance student’s learning. Such capabilities are vital to ensuring the students identify their career paths based on their strengths. To generate student performance reports facilitating real-time interaction between teachers and parents to assess student academic performance. All of the teachers stated that they allowed their students to use mobile phones during class time, but that they did not plan that use.

Educational Mobile Apps thesis

The students will use their login addresses to view the reports posted to their accounts by their teachers. The Wi-Fi or WANs that will be employed by the school will be shed by “firewall” and administrative passwords to prevent any eavesdropping into the database resources . Online interactions will be accustomed in a way that the conversions will be available to other users to read and participate, and this can be a dangerous tool to spread negative rumors or defamations by individuals of bad will. However, analysis of the logs shows that this use appears to be much more intensive. We performed a calculation based on the average number of accesses, from which we removed 40% of potential automatic accesses and divided by the average number of accesses each application had in the initial test. The results present 6.6 accesses to the device per class/student in the class with the fewest accesses, and for the highest case, 313 accesses to the device per class/student.

The Aims And Objectives Of The Project

The following methods were found to be related, so it prompted the team of technocrats to consider researching on them to determine their suitability. The following methods were chosen because they are have been previously used by the team of technocrats and are the most popular in database oasis development projects. The project will take five months to kick off its operations as there are many processes and procedures to be undertaken during the two phases. It begins with the ER diagram design and the development of tailored programs that are to be used in various departments. The already existing infrastructure will be assessed, and recommendable rectifications on the computer programs will be done for them to allow compatibility with the envisioned system .

It will also permit the importation and exportation of data by the school management and sending short text messages and notifications to those concerned. KS Secondary School is a secondary school going through her transition from using old technology of data management to new web-based technology. The school has more than 3000 students and highly qualified staff members, including 60 teachers and ten administrative executives. It also has different departments, namely academics, administration, accounts, and public relations.

It can also be deemed contributing to the development of more efficient and effective programs while changing the learning environment by helping teachers share and exchange their experiences in an organized, systematic manner. Additionally, it offers support in the managerial roles of school administrators and other staff in accomplishing their tasks and duties. Hence, the school information management system enhances efficiency and effectiveness by saving time and providing alternative solutions to the myriad sophisticated problems in the school. It should also be noted, as previously mentioned, that only 4% mention not using them. With regards to the use during the week, 56% of the students refer using them between 4 to 5 days per week and 39% between 1 to 3 days per week. There is also a relatively low percentage of students mentioning that they use the devices during class more than ten times (4%).

  • The school will, therefore, be among the beneficiaries of one hundred thousand dollars grant to fund the project.
  • This solution allowed us to work with large amounts of data but it also allowed for a very interactive data treatment and visualization.
  • The study was composed of 40 students, that answered the questionnaires.
  • However, there are many internal challenges that the system should be put in place to address the education process to be efficient.
  • This paper was developed within the scope of a PhD thesis that intends to characterize the use of mobile applications by the students of the University of Aveiro during class time.
  • This refers to a process whereby a problem domain is analyzed to develop a model used to perform the problem domain or task .

They include client-side s/w requirements and Server-side s/w requirements. The hardware is basic of requirements for server or workstation, which is economical and stable performance. For this project to be finally brought into existence, its buildup must be planned, initiated, executed, and controlled according to success criteria.

Availability Of Data And Materials

In HEIs there is also a growing tendency among members of the academic community to use mobile devices in their daily activities (Oliveira et al., 2017), and students expect these devices to be an integral part of their academic tasks, too (Dobbin et al., 2011). A great number of users take advantage of mobile devices to search information and, since they do not always have computers available, these devices allow them an easy access to academic and institutional information . The preliminary findings suggest that the use of apps during the theoretical classes of the Department of Communication and Art is quite high and that the most used apps are Social networks like Facebook and Instagram.

Teachers, on the other hand, will benefit from the project as upon its implementation, teachers will be in a position to share curricular resources. The system administrator will keep checking the dialogue wall and the data service provider always to ensure that any problem that arises is dealt with accordingly and early before it escalates. KS Secondary School is experiencing high demand for the application of new technology to enhance the coordination of the school’s administrative and academic activities and strengthen the interactions amongst the primary stakeholders in the school community. The current project aims at implementing a new web-based School Information Management System with a user-friendly design and easy to use approach.

This solution allowed us to work with large amounts of data but it also allowed for a very interactive data treatment and visualization. In the case of Tableau Prep, the file with the logs was imported in a CSV formatFootnote 5 and treated iteratively in a dynamic way, being refined to the desired data in a second stage. In this subchapter, through the data collected from the students’ answers to the questionnaires, and by crossing this information with the data collected from the teachers in the observation grid, we try to describe the context of the pilot.

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Iii) and also, to compare the users’ perceptions with the real use of mobile applications. The most common one is PHP.PHP is inexpensive, secure, fast, and reliable. The system will have various categories of users, including the system administrator. He will be responsible for making any changes to enhance the functionality and interactivity of the application. Web-based system management will afford users with extensive, reliable, and timely information.

The students also manipulated the study subjects, including video clips; it was found that 70% of the students were satisfied, but 20% reported dissatisfaction, and 10% did not use the system . Manuals on the use of the resources will be documented, and also user training will be conducted. The system administrators will actively give technical assistance to users. The director will make various recommendations with the advice from the management on the new utilities that clients may request. Using a unique login address and password will enhance the application’s security and ensure the data is protected. There will also be a trial of how the various users utilized their time when they logged into the application.

Such reports will be shared with parents to enhance their level of involvement in their children’s education. The application will permit live chats between teachers and parents as they discuss such performances with teachers and identify areas of students’ weaknesses and strengths. However, there are many internal challenges that the system should be put in place to address the education process to be efficient. Although the school has already made available the technocrats to work for a new technological revolution, it cannot be assumed that every organization is unique from others.

In this pilot, it was possible to verify that the collected data fulfilled the requirements. At this point, in addition to the HTTPS traffic packets, the packets referring to DNSFootnote 4 traffic were also included. Furthermore, the researcher could conclude that all authenticated devices belonged to separate accounts. Knowing the real usage and the usage students mention may provide valuable insights to teachers and HEIs and use this data for decision making about institutional applications to support students and teachers in their teaching and learning activities. Such information can also bring insights on the integration of M-Learning strategies, promoting interaction, communication, access to courses and the completion of assignments using students’ devices. Mobile device users have very different usage habits of their devices and their applications, and it is important to study and characterize these behaviours in different contexts, as explained below.

Managerial efficiency is the management body’s effectiveness in the dissemination of duties of which it is responsible. In KS secondary school, the IT department was notable in giving parents the latest timely updates of their children’s performance, the printing of performance reports upon request, and the administration’s promptness in dealing with grievances and complaints. This paper aimed to describe the process of a pilot to carry out a larger study where we wanted to cross-reference actual usage data of mobile applications in the classroom with data from student questionnaires. In this article we also present the main results of this pilot, both from the point of view of the process of the pilot and from the point of view of the data of use of mobile applications by students in the classroom.

Project Management

Another conclusion is that most of the students used a smartphone (88,9%, 75%, 52%) during class time, but many of them also used a computer (66,7%, 100%, 84%). The site will be validated, and the acceptance of its resources will be tested by the system administration . Three primary methodologies were chosen for the implementation of this project. Each method manifested itself in a way that could be distinguished from others.

Educational Mobile Apps thesis

RAD is an acronym of the Rapid Application Development model as used in system development. In this model, the development of components is done in parallel, like that of mini-projects. The flow of information is in such a way that it can be identified in various functions of a business. This approach is best suited in an environment where the client base is very large, and the outcome of the entire system is not predictable. DO wrote the introduction and discussion, and saw to the article structure, wrote the method section and conducted the data analysis.

Each category of users will have unique login details that will determine the nature of access they will have to such records. Manageengine application manager is a ready-to-use, affordable, and easy-to-use application management solution that aids institutions such as schools to monitor their mission-critical applications and information/data centers more effectively efficiently. It will help the institution monitor its web applications, databases, and systems, which are core to its daily operations. Moreover, its heterogeneous monitoring ability will help the school’s department to troubleshoot application performance issues with ease.

However, they all had similarities and aim to put a system in operation and maintain it. The methodologies include traditional, structured, and object-oriented methods. The software requirements for this system are classified into two categories.

In fact, in the three courses no one stated “not to use them” (0% in all). The research was based on the Grounded Theory method aiming to analyse the logs from the access points of the University. With the collected data, a usage profile of mobile devices during classes was drawn. The massive use of mobile devices has created new forms of social interaction, significantly reducing the spatial difficulties that could exist, and today people can be reached and connected anytime and anywhere (Monteiro et al., 2017). This also applies to the school environment, where students bring small devices (smartphones, tablets and e-book readers) with them, which, thanks to easy access to an Internet connection, keep them permanently connected, even during classes. Timely access to such data was found to enhance the quality of interactions that facilitate faster decision-making as the required information could be available instantly.

Like many other schools, KS was facing a significant challenge in data/ information management in the sense that it is still using a lot of paper documentation and their computers not connected to the internet. Using paper and computers that were not connected to the internet were rather traditional in this techno-generation; Educational Mobile Application Development data could not manipulate and are also highly unreliable in retrieving data . KS is keen to purchase new hardware to allow computers, routers; to access the WAN Recruitment of technical staff to manage the envisioned web-based data management system has also been incorporated in the planned.

Sequence Diagram

It was also established that the system would save the users’ time and money that could have been spent accessing files and other paper-based data generated within the school. After performing these tests, a scenario for this final pilot was set up to validate if the data to be collected matched the outlined objectives. In this final pilot, logs were collected in a classroom so that the scenario was as close to the desired collection as possible.

Project Characteristics And Goals

The reports that usually support these studies are made with questions directed to the users themselves asking them questions about the apps they have on the devices and the reasons for using them. However, Gerpott & Thomas argue that other types of studies are needed to properly support this type of research. Some parents and students will need training on the basics of its use as early as possible, or else it will be rendered useless.

Since the system is web-based, users can access the relevant data from any location using technological devices such as computers or smartphones. They include internal advantages that the project will benefit from during its implementation process. The school is currently in a good position to finance the infrastructure and other peripheral expenses like piloting and educating stakeholders on using the new system. There are already sixty-five computers in the school that will only require installing new programs or refurbishment for ready use. Most of the staff members and parents are well acquainted with the basics of information technology, which will speed the process of change in data management.

Database Schema

It will take the testing case for the system during Phase I and Phase II to debugging and implementation when it has an incorrect error. The following are the objectives that the program aims to meet to ensure the respective evaluation of the program is attained. Stakeholders like staff and parents have shown great support for the whole initiative.

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